Our history

He is André, she is Isabelle and their common project: the Domaine des Drôles de Dames, or Odine (the green one), Orbe (the blue one) and Andie (the yellow one).


January 2021

Social networks, we like it or we don't like it. Still, without them we would not have been able to acquire these majestic caravans.

It was while browsing Facebook that we literally got stuck on an announcement for an auction of caravans in the Cher. Neither one nor two, the certainty was assured that we had to acquire some to contribute to the tourist offer of unusual accommodation in Moselle.

Appointments made for visits to the 45 trailers, we went to Cher at the beginning of 2021. All, without exception, were scrutinized down to the smallest detail. Of the 45 present, 13 were pre-selected by us. Aware of the hundreds of people interested in purchasing one or even several trailers, we knew that the competition was going to be tough. But we had the hope of winning between 3 and 4 auctions as our desire was so palpable!

February 2021, D-day, the anxiety and exhilaration of the online auction of trailers: a great first which resulted in the acquisition of… 3 trailers!

Land search and renovation

Prior efforts to search for land for the location of the trailers initially proved unsuccessful, despite the involvement and desire of certain people to see this project emerge in their community.

In the meantime, the caravans arrived slowly by exceptional convoy on the Thionville territory in Moselle from the Cher.

April 2021, here they are all 3 present ready to be renovated in an old hangar. And field research continued until a meeting with elected officials from the Arc Moselle marked the start of a partnership.

End of 2021: installation

September 2021, once the exterior renovation was finalized and the earthworks of the land had been completed, the Funny Ladies were brought one after the other to their future location in Buding, in the Canner Valley. Thanks to the pugnacity of our ironworker friend, the manufacture of drawbars capable of towing 5 tonnes was achieved. The towing and installation was entrusted to our farmer friend. Both will recognize each other.

Interior decoration

Everything has been thought of so that everyone can have a wonderful, unusual experience in the cocooning space offered by these Drôles de Dames. The tables and stools were all stripped and then repainted in the same color as the base of each of the trailers. Particular care has also been taken in the layout and provision of equipment.


Michel and Angelo for providing their hangar; Thierry for advice and carpentry work; Franck for the manufacture of all metal elements (drawbars, wrought iron signs); Théo for the earthworks; Nicolas for towing and all the good tips; Isabelle for sewing work (curtains, bedspreads); Laurence for the jams; Christel for making dream catchers; Pierre and Kim for the photos.